Remote Identification White Paper

uAvionix Releases Remote Identification White PaperuAvionix

uAvionix Releases Remote Identification White Paper

uAvionix releases Remote Identification White Paper following AUVSI’s “Call for Papers” and a new Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC). The white paper presents core concepts of a RID solution. Uses include both in and out of an internet-denied environment, fits the size and cost constraints of the industry, and provides a basic level of anti-spoofing capability.

Their response also includes input from AirMap and Harris Corporation outlining a number of assumptions regarding the requirements for a RID solution.

Topics include:

  1. The primary purpose of the RID solution is for law enforcement or security personnel. The purpose is to remotely identify the sUAS aircraft and operator through a number of key parameters.
  2. Other functions beyond the primary purpose stated may serve to increase the utility of the RID system.
  3. Data items transmitted from the sUAS RID would include at a minimum the FAA UAS registration number and sUAS position.
  4. Considerations for spectrum congestion is vital.
  5. Size, Weight, and Power Consumption (SWaP) of any RID airborne devices should be consistent with sUAS platforms.
  6. Considerations for anti-spoofing or source verification should be included.
  7. The cost/price of RID devices should support regulatory mandates. This would require compliant RID devices on a significant quantity of sUAS – possible quantities for consideration include:
    1. RID devices on all sUAS over 0.55lbs (consistent with Part 107 registration requirements)
    2. RID devices on all sUAS registered to licensed Part 107 operators or organizations
  8. Installation options should range from integrated solutions to those options purchased as “add-on” or “aftermarket” units.
  9. The ground-based component should offer a range of options.

For the complete white paper, download or read by clicking here.

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