HexH2O Pro v2 Waterproof Drone

HexH2O Pro v2 Waterproof Drone

New HexH2O Pro v2 Waterproof Drone From QuadH20

Quadh20 is once again pushing the boundaries of drone technology with the release of their most powerful waterproof drone yet. Meet the newest member of their impeccable waterproof drone collection, the HexH2o Pro V2.

One of the more impressive features is that the system is the fact that it is waterproof. Users are able to safely fly in the rain or snow, land on water and even film below the waterline. This unique waterproof quality delivers the most advanced waterproof drone on the market, a feature not available with other drones. Quadh20 users have limitless opportunities to capture incredible aerial videos and photos.

HexH2O Pro v2
Credit: QuadH20

This system also has an impressive up to 30 minute flight time, a DJI N3 flight controller, advanced flight controls, including mission planning/waypoints, and all controlled via the powerful DJI Go App. Some other notable features include the DJI’s 4k X3 camera and gimbal system, and a high-definition video downlink, supplied by the DJI Lightbridge 2, giving a range of up to 3.5 kilometers.

QuadH20’s waterproof drones are used for a variety of applications around the globe. Some of the uses include search and rescue, first response and industrial inspections. Other uses include scientific research and even in marine biology.

HexH2O Pro v2 (Above)
Credit: QuadH20

Price: $6449.00 (USD)

For more information on the HexH20 Pro V2, please visit:

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