Student Develops Plan Bee Drone

SCAD Student Develops Plan Bee Drone

SCAD Student Develops Plan Bee Drone

One challenge in a design class may have changed the way the way farmers pollinate. 

Anna Haldewang, an industrial design student at the Savannah College of Art and Design, was challenged to create a self-sustainable object that stimulates the growth of plants. Her first thought for the project was pollination, and after extensive research she set her sights on honeybees.  “I had no idea about the danger to honeybee colonies and that bees were disappearing,” she said.

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She understands the significance of bees to human life, and came up with a tool that couples technology and design. This tool is the “Plane Bee Drone”. It met the requirements of her class assignment, while also spreading awareness of a bee’s role in the food system.

Plan Bee is a personal robotic bee that mimics how bees pollinate flowers and crops. So how does the drone work? It performs cross-pollination by sucking in pollen from a plant and then transfers it onto other flowers.

“When you flip it upside down, it looks like a flower,” she told CNN, adding it was her way to honor a flower’s role in pollination.

Plan Bee at work
Plan Bee at work

While the concept is still in its early stages, Haldewang has already filed a patent application. She hopes to have the final product on the market within the next two years. Tune into our blog for updates on this project.

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