Karma Comes Back Around

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Karma Comes Back Around

At Least For The GoPro Karma Drone. Fingers Cross It’s Good ‘Karma’ For GoPro

You might recall the groundbreaking announcement from GoPro last year when the company announced the release of the Karma Drone. While the buildup to the launch and the launch itself was insane, the Karma itself fell short. Well, actually it was literally falling out of the sky but that’s beside the point.

In November the company made a tough, but necessary decision to voluntarily pull the Karma off the market. GoPro made the call after learning that a small number of Karma units were experiencing power loss mid-flight due to a faulty battery latch.

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Fast forward to today, we are happy to report that the Karma is finally gettings its second chance. GoPro announced this morning that the Karma Is Back, and available for purchase.

“Karma is the ultimate aerial, handheld and wearable stabilization solution for the GoPro community,” says GoPro Founder and CEO, Nick Woodman. “As the consumer drone market continues to grow, Karma delivers the most versatile solution at a very accessible price.” This is the same Karma that launched last year, but with one major change. A redesigned the battery latch. A small change that the company hopes will lead to a huge improvement.

So what do you think? Will you jump back on the Karma wagon or pass up on this opportunity? Let us know in the comment section below!

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