Hottest Holiday Gifts Go Missing

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This Year’s Hottest Holiday Gifts Go Missing. Here’s Why

It should come as no surprise that the hottest gift of this holiday season was drones. But what happens when there are recording drone sales, and the systems are gifted to people who don’t know how to correctly operate them? Problems. Big problems. But what seems to be the most common problem? They go missing.

According to, they have seen a dramatic increase in the creation of “lost drone” groups by pleading parents. While there’s very little that can be done about malfunctioning or defective drones,  you can help avoid losing your new system due to pilot error.

Ted Daniel of the AJC suggests that searching  “YouTube by the make and model of your drone for tips on how to fly it before you actually take to the sky”. He also recommends to “never take off with a low battery and consider writing your name and number on your drone, so if someone finds it, they will know it’s yours”. These are great recommendations. Proper drone/ UAV operation and safety are of the utmost importance.

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