Autel Robotics Takes On 2017

Autel Robotics Takes On 2017 "We Are Bringing You So. Much. More."

Autel Robotics Takes On 2017

Big things are in store for this fast growing company

Move over DJI, there is a new drone company in town! Autel Robotics, an industry leader in flying camera drones and aerial photography systems, certainly made a name for itself in 2016. They launched their flagship X-Star Premium drone, became a top-seller on Amazon and achieved one of the highest customer ratings! 4.5 stars to be exact, along with 150+ customer reviews! So it’s only natural that they set the bar even higher for 2017.

But how high? Well as of January 4th, they released a video with concepts for the year. Concepts include Also include two new camera modules, a Software Development Kit and an update to its vertical takeoff and landing Kestrel platform.

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The two new camera modules will be for the current X‑Star series. The first is the FLIR Duo dual thermal and visual camera module, set to launch in the first quarter of 2017. It will be able to show both thermal and standard, visual light images. The Duo will allow users to switch between the two in-flight, view both at the same time with picture-in-picture, or see a blended image of both. These capabilities will provide a better in-flight experience, as well as a highly-detailed thermal image. This is suitable for many applications including inspection and first response.

Set to launch in the second quarter of 2017 is a visual camera with an upgraded picture quality, using a 1-inch CMOS sensor. This upgraded camera will shoot 4K Ultra HD video and 20MP stills. The larger sensor will allow this camera to perform better in low-light scenarios and capture more cinematic images with a wider aperture.That’s one hell of a start for 2017.

That’s one hell of a start for 2017. For more information visit Autel’s website.

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