Patent Tips Bow and Arrow Proof Drones

File photo: Drones fly above smog blanketed Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina December 25, 2016. (REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)

Amazon Patent Tips Bow and Arrow Proof Drones

Besides government regulations, bad weather, weight restrictions, and all the other issues that plague Amazon’s budding drone delivery service, the company must also face the prospect of thieves shooting down drones to steal their packages.

It’s a problem that Amazon has been working on since at least 2014, when it filed a patent for “countermeasures” to protect drones against everything from gunshots to hackers breaching its navigation software. The patent was approved last week, GeekWire reported, offering insight into how Amazon intends to safeguard drone-borne packages of the future.

The patent describes two main lines of defense for the drones. The first are electronic systems designed to detect signal jammers or other hacking attempts, including a backup communications interface if the primary one is compromised. Much like current wireless routers and cell phones, the system would automatically select whichever frequency is least prone to interference.

If hackers do manage to take control of a drone, Amazon would receive an alert and could dispatch a second drone to the scene. The rescue drone would resume control by accessing a backup “compromise module” in order to guide the stricken drone to a safe landing area. Continue reading about Amazon’s patent.

(Source: Tom Brant via Fox News)

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