Drones Delivering Mail In France

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Drones Delivering Mail In France – It’s In The Works

It’s an experiment at first, but it’s happening.

According to recent news articles, specifically the article France is going to let drones start delivering the mail, posted on Recode, the French postal service will soon allow drones to deliver the mail.  The new drone delivery program plans to carry parcels on a set nine-mile route once a week, pending the approval from the French Aviation Regulatory Authority. The program has not launched yet and is only in the experimental phase as of now but it is a huge first step for the federal postal service.

Below is an excerpt of the post:

The DPDgroup, a subsidiary of the French national postal service, has been perfecting its drone delivery project since 2014 in the south of France, working in partnership with Atechsys, a French drone company. In September 2015, the drone delivery project demonstrated its aircraft could fly in complete autonomy carrying a package weighing over three pounds a distance of nearly nine miles.

The drone route stretches between Saint-Maximin-La-Sainte-Beaume and Pourrières in the Provence region of France in the southeast of the country. For now, non-residential customers are participating in the experiment, including a dozen tech companies that can now receive parcels by drone, according to a statement from DPDgroup.

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