Automation and the Digital Mining Environment

Where Automation and the Digital Mining Environment Meet: Automated Drones

Where Automation and the Digital Mining Environment Meet: Automated Drones

A new white paper discusses automated drones in mining as the next frontier; this article aims to shed light on this topic.

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Mining companies are currently shifting strategy and adopting new business and operating models to include unfamiliar technologies. In particular, due to the digital revolution, it has become necessary, and significantly more cost effective, to integrate modern and developing technologies into the mining field. Currently, the traditional methods of mine surveying are conducted on the ground. However, ground based mining methods are problematic due to the danger that they expose to operators, their slow nature, and their likelihood to provide irregular results which often do not meet the needs of the operators. For these reasons alone, it is easy to understand why mining operators are turning to new technologies in order to improve results.

Automation, in particular, is one such area that can produce a significant impact and create a fully integrated and holistic digital mining environment. However, uncertainty surrounding the ability for automated technology to mesh seamlessly into the mining atmosphere has left some in the mining community weary of incorporating this new machinery.

What the mining community needs in order to assimilate automated technologies into a digital mining environment is to start shifting its focus from what is happening on the ground, to what is happening in the skies. Continue reading about automated drones.

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