Know Before You Fly Reaches Major Milestone

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Know Before You Fly Reaches Major Milestone with More than 500,000 Unique Visitors to Website

Drone safety campaign urges visitors to learn the guidelines before taking to the skies

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WASHINGTONKnow Before You Fly announced today more than 500,000 unique users have visited its website since the launch of the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) education campaign in December 2014.

Know Before You Fly unique Visitors by Month. Credit: Know Before You Fly

An estimated 700,000 UAS were to be sold in the United States in 2015, according to the Consumer Technology Association. In addition, more than 425,000 people have registered their drones since Dec. 21, 2015, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The robust traffic to the Know Before You Fly website is evident that the safety campaign is potentially reaching the majority of people flying or interested in flying UAS.

The graph to the right shows the monthly unique visitors to the Know Before You Fly website since the campaign’s initial launch. The campaign saw a spike in visitors during the holiday season likely due to a number of consumers purchasing UAS for the first time. In fact, Dec. 25 (Christmas Day) saw the highest number of visitors (6,009) to the site. Additionally, the spike in December may have been helped by the FAA’s Dec. 14 announcement requiring recreational operators of small UAS to register before the first flight outdoors.

The strength of the campaign is due to its nearly 100 supporters, which play an invaluable role in amplifying the campaign’s educational efforts and informing the public by spreading the word about safe and responsible UAS use. Know Before You Fly lists several manufacturers, distributors and retailers as supporters, including Amazon, DJI, Horizon and Walmart. The campaign also has a number of supporters from the manned and unmanned aviation communities as well as from a number of UAS training programs and research institutions, such as Virginia Tech.

Many of these companies and organizations have agreed to include UAS safety information on their websites, with their products and/or at point-of-sale. Continue reading Know Before You…

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