Here comes the drone backlash

Here comes the drone backlash

Soon it will be politically incorrect to express enthusiasm for drones or fly them in public. Too bad. Drones are cool.

Source: Mike Elgan via Computer World

Consumer drone technology is barely taking off, and already a harsh public backlash is growing.

Your typical garden variety consumer drone is lightweight, battery operated, has four propellers and is controlled by a smartphone. Most have cameras and beam back live video, which can be recorded for posterity. Some have high-quality HD cameras on them, and from that high vantage point can take stunning photos and videos.

Drones are fun. They’re exciting. They’re accessible. But increasingly, they’re becoming unacceptable.

I’m sensing a growing backlash, a kind of social media pitchfork mob against drones and drone fans. It’s only a matter of time, and not much time, before it will be politically incorrect to express any kind of enthusiasm for drones in polite company. I fear that many are about to embark on an “everybody knows drones are bad” mentality that will suppress the nascent industry and spoil this innovative and exhilarating technology.

Here’s what’s driving the coming backlash:

  1. They’re called drones
  2. Most people don’t have drones
  3. The media neo-luddite impulse
  4. Pandering politicians
  5. Innumeracy
  6. Fear of loss of control
  7. Invasion of privacy


Here’s why we all need to resist the coming backlash against drones:

  1. Drones are actually pretty safe
  2. Drones can be designed to be much safer and better
  3. Drones can be programmed to avoid anything
  4. Drones will save far more lives than they put at risk
  5. Drones are awesome

Surely all that’s got to be worth something.

Still, the backlash is coming. And it’s too bad, too, because drones are awesome.

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